Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's a contradiction of terms!

Why can't you people see it!? There's a simple reason why there's no such thing as a so-called "black conservative". The black community's most embarassing, irrelevant, and annoying socio-political commentator spells it out for you: Real Black people are Democrats.
We should be glad he finally came out and said it. I mean, black politicians have known this for years, but never said it. Our comedians, however, like Wanda Sykes (who used to be funny but got all political and annoying these days.) have been saying this for years. Jesse Jackson is a joke, and it's only natural that a clown like him would finally hatch onto it.

Meanwhile, I'll enjoy my newfound caucasian idgntity. I always wondered why I could'nt dance, but now I know why. (Ba-dum-ching!) the only problem is that now, I don't qualify for that scholarship money to go to school next semester now. And I'll have to change the name of this blog too. I'm no longer The Token Black Guy, because I'm not black anymore, so Eddie Murphy's joke does'nt fit anymore.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the visit, comment and link - all appreciated!

Jesse Jackson once had a role to play, but no longer. Like so many aging boxers/athletes, he knows that he should leave the arena but just cannot bring himself to do it.

So he sticks around and does nothing other than make a fool out of himself.

winni said...

Well now, no rhythm eh? I seriously doubt that...can you atleast walk forward without falling? If so, you have rhythm.