Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm hiring myself out..

I've been trying since the end of June to get a job, and so far, no luck at all. I've applied to some eleven different chains, and three small businesses without so much as a phone call saying I didn't get the job.
So I've decided to hire out my talents .
Now, I've only really got three talents that could pay: I can draw, I can sing,and I'm an amateur organist.
Now, I won't trust myself to be an organist. Most of what I practice are improvisations in the French style, and I can play one English mass ordinary,three Latin, and a few hymns. Besides, I can't be an organist in a Roman Catholic church. It's too much greif.

So, I've decided that I'll try to find some poor writer who wants to publish a comic or manga, but doesn't have an artist. I've spent all summer trying to think of a concept for a manga with no luck, unless I want to do one about MMA. * So I'll polish my style, put together my protfolio, and hopefully make some extra bucks to save up.

*I think I might do that one.

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