Thursday, April 9, 2009

Don't worry, he Assures us..

That he didn't have bowtual relations reverences with to that head of state. It's only seemingly a bow. Only dipping forward from the waist, not bowing.
Yay for our president's transparency! What, do they think we're retarded? There's a VIDEO. We can SEE it. It's a BOW. What's up with the "Don't believe your eyes and your common sense! Just beleive what we tell you to believe!!1!!!11!111!!!!!!one!!1!" ? I thought they had planned to eschew this kind of ridiculous doublespeak?
Explaining w
hy he bowed, I can deal with. Saying it didn't even happen when there's videos all over the web, deplorable.
And about t
heir supposed explanation, how come no one ever bows to me? I've already reached the family height* of 5'4, and will probably not grow any taller.Does this mean that I can expect other people to bow to me?
(Taken from Gem.)

*Seriously, on bot
h sides of my family, only five people are taller than 5'5. Everyone else is short.

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