Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ritual Notes.

Solemn vespers and benediction .
There were a lot of clergy in procession this year. Not as may as last year, as I did'nt see any of our auxiliary bishops, and we were short a few servers. (Do they not know what "all servers are required to attend" means?)
Well, we had a crucifer, two taperers, a thurifer, a second thurifer, four torches, and three 'in choro', four Bernadettes, the officiant, two deacons, and an MC. The procession started at the rectory porch and went around the corner to the church. When we entered the church, the organ (On tutti! Lovely 32' tomba and 32 contre-pousaune!) along with a brass ensemble and timpani played Charpentier's Te Deum Prelude. All knelt while the blessed sacrament was incensed.

Everything was sung except the preces , chapter, and homily. The office hymn was "Alleluia, Sing to Jesus". One of my ten favorite hymns without a doubt, especially the way it was played.
The antiphons and psalms of second vespers of the blessed sacrament were taken from 'By Flowing Waters" I would've reccomended the Mundelein Psalter, if only because they adapt from the Liber Usualis. Instead of the office responsory, the choir sang Willan's "O Sacred Feast"
The homily was perfect! I'll never forget it. I'll always remeber it when I receive communion. The magnificat was sung , and the altar and blessed sacrament incensed, genuflecting when passing the blessed sacrament. One of the deacons led the preces, and the Pater as sung.

Afterward, the torchbearers came and knelt in the sanctuary, the second thurifer had incense blessed, and the Blessed Sacrament was incensed again. Then followed the procession (With one of the Knights of Malta holding the ombrellino.) While all sang the Pange Lingua. The blessed sacrament was incensed while we sang the tantum ergo, and benediction followed. After the divine praises, the blessed sacrament was reposed for a final time, and everyone sang "O God Beyond all Praising" which of course means we got to use "Thaxted". Choir alone on verse two, and choral descant on the final verse.
I don't remeber what the postlude was.

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