Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tridduum Recap

Saturday: Vigil Ceremonies and first high mass of Easter. Preliminary notes: Celebrant and four concelebrants, MC and five servers: Two taperers, crucifer, thurifer and boat-bearer. It was at 8:15 PM, so night had fallen. If we were there, you might have noticed a long, awkward pause between the blessing of the Easter fire and the blessing of the paschal candle. I don't know If should say what happened, but we had a little accident after the fire was lit. All I can say is that we told you so. The versicle and response Lumen Christi Deo Gratias was sung in Latin, and he Exultet was sung in Latin by Fr.Brannen. All seven readings were read, with sung collects after each one. Psalms and canticles based on gregorian melodies were sung were sung after the 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 7th readings. The second was a canticle from the Roman Gradual, Vinea Mea. The gloria was intoned ( Hans Leo Hassler- Missa Secunda.) and bells were rung in the same manner as Maundy Thursday. The epistle was read, and the alleluia was the same as the one in the Liber Usualis, only the psalm was sung in english to a psalm tone. After the gospel procession, The gospel was sung incnsed and sung.The litany of the saints was sung, and the font was sollemnly blessed.Ten people were baptised while the choir sang C.Alexander Peloquin's Faith, hope, and Love , supported by a quintet. It's a very beautiful piece, with soloist and double chorus. 4 were confirmed, bringing a total of 14 people into the Church. After the renewal of baptismal promises, the choir sang G.P. da Palestrina's Sicut Cervus. The mass was celebrated ad orientem as well, so this year, the whole triduum was celebrated facing the liturgical east. At the offertory, the choir sang Gabriel Faure's Cantique de Jean Racine. That song, incidentally, is what I heard that first got me interested in sacred music. The choir sang it so flawlessly, I could've sworn I was back st S.Clem's for a moment. The rest of the mass ordinary was by Richard Proulx-Community Mass, except for the agnus Dei, by David Isele from the Holy Cross Mass. At commmunion; all sang The Strife is O'er, followed by two motets: W.A Mozart, Ave Verum Corpus, and Antonio Vivaldi's Laudate Dominum, which was timed to end at the moment the servers genuflected to take the missal and veiled chalice to the credence. After the postcommunion was sung, we applauded the newly baptised and confirmed. The blessing and easte dismissal were sung, and the prayer to S.Michael said. We assembled in the center aisle for the recessional, and faced Our Lady's altar for a Marian antiphon first: Regina Caeli Latare, Gregor Aichinger. The recessional hymn was Jesus Christ is risen today, and the postlude was bwv 572. The chimes in the tower rang after mass. Quite a glorious way to bring in the easte season if you ask me.

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Catholic Teen said...

Seems like we both had similar Easter Vigil fire stories! =D

Lets just say that you SHOULDN'T put losse pieces of newspaper on top of the fire. They might catch on fire and fly up! ;)