Friday, April 10, 2009

Triddum Recap

A little late, I know, but I'm not going to use the internetz much.

Maundy Thursday:
Notes beforehand: We used the best thurible, It's made of solid brass, heavily decorated with scrollwork abd enameled releifs. Joke among the servers is to call it 'the heavy thurible', because, well, it weighs 25 or so pounds. Torches in red glasses, three thurifers, four servers 'in choro' celbrant-three concelbrants (All in birettas)MC and two assisting MCs .Bernadettes and 12 apostles, all "Viri" as the Vatican says.
Don't rember the entrance hymn.
As said previously, the mass was celebrated ad-orientem. After Byrd's kyrie, the gloria was intoned, and the organist broke out into a wonderful organ fanfare. I mean really, gorgeous! he alternated between swell, great, and the antiphonale in the chancel. Wonderful stop choice as well, with the 32' subbass and 16'Pousaune in the pedal, and the en chamade trumpets as well. The gloria 'De Angelis' was sung, with two servers on opposite sides of the sanctuary ringing bells alternately. The bells were silenced at the 'Amen', and the organist played another fanfare, now with the 32' Contre Pousaune and the 32'Tromba. It was a fugue, based on the amen of the gloria.
The psalm between the readings was sung to an adaptation of a gregorian psalm tone, I forget which, with the men and women of the choir alternating verses.
The dialogues and gospel was read this year, no sung gospel like last year.
At the maundy, everything listed previously was sung, with the addition of an english adaptation of Ubi Caritas.
Durufle's Ubi Caritas was sung at the offertory, with a harmonised setting of the hymn "As Thou at thy First Eucharist Didst Pray"
The Super oblata, dialogue, and preface were sung, the Sanctus was in latin to the Missa Iubilate Deo. The thurifer and six torch-bearers came in at the sanctus, bowed, and knelt. Crotalus (Wooden clapper) used at the epiclesis and elevations, all bowind during the words. The Pater Noster was sung in English, and the agnus was from David Isele's holy Cross Mass. Crotalus used again at the priest's communion. The communion patens were held by one acolyte and the MC.The antiphonand psalm were from the Simple Gradual, and the hymn "O Food of Exiles Lowly" was sung in a harmonised setting , followed by the communion motet, Ave Verum Corpus, William Byrd.
The postcomunnion was sung, and Fr. changed into this cope and humeral veil.The three thurifers, including yours truly, went and had incense blessed. The second and third thurifers knelt on the pavemenet while the main thurifer, MC, and celbrant went to incense the Most Blessed Sacrament.
The Procession consisted of :
Thurifer and boat-bearer
Crucifer and two acolytes
The Bernadettes
Servers 'in choro'
Second and third thurifer
Six Torch-bearers
Celebrant with Blessed Sacrament
A Knight of S.John holding the ombrellino.
We went around the church, then to the altar of repose(Which was decorated with red and creme brocade, orange roses and lilies , and lots and lots of candles.)
The Blessed Sacrament was reposed and incensed. Afterward, we all left to the sacristy in silence. Six of the servers, yours truly included, took off our surplices but kept the cassocks and gloves on. We stripped the sanctuary, removing the candlesticks, relics, flowers, potted plants, cloths off of the credences, hassocks (Kneeling pads) bells, and finally, the brothers removed the large carpet on the steps and footpace. One of the priests of the parish washed the altar after it was stripped, and old, old custom.
I kept the watch until 10:30, said Compline and went home to a snack, and to bed.

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