Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I've decided to stop attending Latin masses.

The rose glasses are off people. I mean, the priest has his BACK to the PEOPLE! And there really is no pragmatic use for Latin. It's only a remnant of the patriarchal, pre-Vatican II ecclesiastical climate. That clericalis t attitude that allows priests to come in and make everything to suit themselves. The priest gets so say his words in his language and we do... well, we don't do much of anything. Maybe rattle off some useless prayers that have nothing to do with the gathered community. And that's another thing, the focus is taken off of the community and becomes an unnecessary addition to the priest's mass and the choir's mass. (Which a sung mass really is. Two seperate masses going on at once.) And I don't see what's wrong with father being a little creative with the mass. Did'nt Vatican II say that the mass could be adapted to fit the circumstances of each comunnity? Sometimes we migh not understand what's relvant to us, but that does'nt make it less relvant. Maybe I need to think or whatever, but I think I'll take some time off from Lourdes and to Ss.Agatha and James. I hear that they have a reverent, but acessible and modern mass. Not crazy with liturical prancing and all that, but good. So I have some updating to do with the blog. (Maybe end it? Probably.)
Sorry for any shock I caused more traditional readers. There's something else I need you to know, but I feel it's best said in black text. highlight it with your cusor to see.

SHENANIGANS! Cause, It's like, April Fools Day so I wroted a joke post and stuff about something that's probably not going to happen unless I get amnesia and am suddenly stupider and stuff so....yah...
Accessible? LULZ!

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