Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I've returned!

Some idiot construction company knocked out te power on te block and we've been without power since last Wednesday evening. We've been at a hotel downtown , and the power is on , but we paid for a week's stay and might as well stay till Friday rather than waste the money.
Random catching up:

-My latest issues of Shonen Jump and Sporting News came today
-I met a friend I have'nt seen in quite a while on Saturday.
-We're having a heatwave (Averaging 90+ degrees since Friday. Joe and hot weather don't agree.)
-I got two foot injuires last week: I stepped on a piece of glass and could'nt get it out (It's still in there) and my second oldest brother and I were practicing pitching at the rec last week (I still have no controll ) and I somehow cracked two toenails.
-I had my first public debate with my school's team on Monday. Resolve: The Unites States Government ought to submit to the jurisdiction of an International Crimal Court designated to prosecute crimes against humanity, us taking the affirmitive. Of course, because there was no electricity, I had to wing it. Surprisingly, out opponents did'nt understand the resolve, and I mostl did, so I did my best and our coach called me and told me we won. We have another debate tomorrow.
-I discovered this wonerful piece of Widor.
- I realized my diurnal does'nt have the whole month of April. Right.

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