Monday, April 6, 2009

On School.

I've applied to a couple schools, just in case this vocation thing doesn't work out. The Academy of the Arts in San Francisco just called me back today, the University of the Arts in Philly never got back to me, and I missed auditions at both Curtis* and Oberlin. That's pretty much all I checked out.
When I still figured I could get into a high class school, I checked out Eastman at Rochester , but really now, Rochester? In the Rochester diocese? home of the bishop of Rochester? Who bult a pagan-looking labyrinth in his cathedral and tore out pretty much anything that was beautiful? Which made the cathedral's attendence go down sharply? Go there?
Only under holy obedience would I go there.
That's only if the vocation thing does;nt work out though, so I might be spared the fun of being told why everything I've learned about blending and voicing choirs is wrong, and that Virgil Fow is wrong.
About everything.
See This? It's Virgil Fox, therefore it's wrong according them.**

*I know, someone like me getting into Curtis? It's a joke so sad that even I can't laugh at it. Well, maybe just a little bit on the inside.

**Don't know why, I think Virgil Fox Is awesome. Probably jealous 'cause they never got a cult following with hordes of fangirls and fanboys round the world.

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