Tuesday, April 7, 2009

On the Blessed Sacrament and the Passion.

Early, I know, but then again, not really. Qucikly, very quickly, we will arrive at Maundy thursday, a solitary flash of joy and glory in what has been so far a bit of a glum and uneventful week. With the passing days, the hour of Our Lord's passion draws ever nearer, and the calm of passion week will give way to the agony of Maundy Thursday night, and the anguish and terror of Good Friday. And you and I should be trying at least to actively participate in our lord's passion by prayer, penance, fasting, meditation, and participation in the liturgy of the day.
Which brings me to my point. It is a good practice to prepare for your communion the day before, or several days before. It's Spy Wednesday, and now is a good time to watch,pray. and meditate in preparation for the triduum. As we know, every tme the mass is offered, the passion of the Lord Jesus is made present in a mystical way, one explained by many minds grater and far more learned than I could try to explain.
But we know that it is present, so every time we attend mass, we must without failing, ask ourselves 'which side am I on?'
Ask yourself that right now.
Of all the groups and individual people present at our Lord's passion, who are you when you go to mass?

Are you like Magdalene, preparing for Jesus by penintence and prayer, by the costly perfumed oil of meditation and desire, Or like Judas, giving him a kiss of betrayal by an unprepared communion?

Are you like St.John, keeping close to Jesus in prayer by talking to him, staying with him in trial, and making a thanksgiving after communion, or like St.Peter, running away to your own business after mass as quickly as possible with no thought for God?

Are you like the holy Women of Jerusalem, weeping and rending your heart over the abuse Jesus has to suffer by his own people, who do not recognize him present among them, or are you one of them, who by pride do not recognize your saviour present, now present not as a suffering servant, but in the blessed sacrament?

Are you like St.Veronica, seeking to make reparation for the offenses your Jesus suffers at the hands of the cruel Romans, Or are you one of the Romans, inflicting offense on Our Lord by receiving him in a state of unconfessed mortal sin?

Are you like the holy angels, keeping watch with our lord in his prayer at Gethsemani, Or are you Like Ss.Peter, James, and John, deserting him in your own hour of need by not staying with him in prayer?

Are you like S.Dysmus, seeing your God so close to you, and yourself in need of strength and forgiveness, and so you repent of your sins, Or are you like the impious theif who refused to recognize Christ, refused pardon, and died in disgrace?

Are you Like Our Blessed Lady, Mary, silently and reverently participating and joining in Our Lord's sacrificial death, or are you distracted, irreverent, loud, and too busy externally to delve deep into the mystery of Christ's self offering?

These are simple, we must answer them in humility and honesty. We might wish to be among the good, the holy, and the pious people at Our Lord's passion but more often we are among those we judge to be bad. Look at your own soul and judge it, pray, and make ready, and participate actively in the liturgy.Make your thanksgiving always, and you may have assurance that Our Blessed Lord is pleased and contented to stay awhile with you.
he said that it was his desire to dwell among the hearts of everyone, and told his apostles to find a large, clean, and furnished upper room where he might eat the pasch with them.
Think on this.

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