Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ummmm...The What Now?

Yeah, um, I think someone needs to contact the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and tell them they accidentally sent me something. See, I got this letter saying that I've been nominated for the St.Timothy Award and that I should R.S.V.P. by the 11th.
Yeah, something's wrong here. Namely, that I kind of don't actually Do anything.
I mean, I show up at the mass and devotions on first Fridays if I can make it, and sometimes to the Saturday youth group meeting, but that's it.
Plus, I've missed meetings most of March and April due to the crunch of my term paper/research project/homework/book report.
So I'm going to see about what's going on.
Plus, it says that the mass where the award is given out is on May 11th, which is when Shaman King volume 20 comes out.
I need to go early to stake out a spot at Borders or I won't get a copy, and I Need a copy. I Need one. I Need it.
(Seriously, where is Takei taking the story? Yoh doesn't want to be shaman king?! What about Anna?!)
Oh yeah, how much you wanna bet the name has something to do with S.Timothy's in Mesa?

Well, you're right, that is a dumb bet. It's like betting that a lot of American nuns aren't happy about the Vatican sending other nuns to visit their communities and evaluate them for orthodoxy and viability.

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