Friday, October 1, 2010

I hate it when this happens.

When I stop reading a comic/manga series for a long time, and come back to it only to find that it's jumped far ahead of where I last left off with it. I'll jappily admit that I don't get to read comics as much as a like. You would think that I would, since they're much cheaper than manga, even cheaper than Shonen Jump. But the local stores are pretty far out of the way, and I don't have a car. Also, manga can be read for free online. Comics are involved in so many copyrights and licenses that that's totally impossible. Anyway, I really want to start reading Green Arrow. I've never really read his comic, I only looked him up when he showed up in other series I was reading. I have'nt the slightest idea where to start since, unlike manga, comics usually have multiple story arcs and hundreds of volumes, which can make it difficult to pick a starting issue.Pick too far ahead and you'll miss lots of backstory and information. Pick too far back, and the current arc will get too far ahead of you.

So I'll just ask Gaia or see if anyone will give me a reccomendation.

Also, I really love the covers that some of these recent volumes have. I haven't seen the insides, but the covers are wonderful. My post image was a toss up between that one and This. I only picked the one I used because that one is a little violent, what with the blood and wounds, and the arrow sticking out of the corpse's forehead. I think it's an awesome and very well done cover though.

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