Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More good news.

Of a domestic nature. I got a call last night from my mother that our long awaited quest to move to a new home in a new neighborhood has finally come to an end. The house that she and my brother (And I ) put an offer on was accepted, and she and my brother will be moving in by thanksgiving.

Sure, I know that I won't be living there, except for a few weeks a year, but I'm happy. No one who lives in West Philly wants to live there. It's a landing pad. A place where you live only for short time, with plans to go somewhere better.It's not really a bad section, and a lot of it can be quite expensive to live in. It had always been my family's dream to some day move to University City, near the hospital where my father worked, and the school where my mother worked. I'm a bit sad that the time has finally come for that happen, but only because of the circumstances: I'm here at the monastery, dad is gone, my brother will be in school next year. It is'nt ideal,but that's just the way things go.

The only thing now is that my new territorial parish for when I'm at home is now St. Francis De Sales.It's a nice church, with a wonderful organ, and the choir was astonishingly professional when I was there every now and then in 07' (When I was still shopping for a parish)
But I heard that their choral mass has now been combined with the contemporary music mass. I don't know if this is actually true,nor do I know if this affects the quality of the music, so I won't give much credence to the rumour.

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