Thursday, October 7, 2010

This is why we don't have nice things.

No, not this.*

I'm finding it impossible to make a copy of that rosary in the painting of the Magdalene. Do you know why?

Apparently, ther is NO place, ANYWHERE in the U.S.** that sells round or oval, non-faceted, 15-20mm, amber, yellow glass or acrylic beads. I can buy amber, but they won't be round, or they'll be faceted. I can get round and non faceted, but they'll be 10mm tops. There are no yellow acrylic beads, and glass ones are all 5-10mm max. I can't even find round, yellow, plastic beads that are between 15-20mm.I've exhausted all the possibilities with this thing,but there's no solution.
And that particular rosary is the one that I'll need to complete my set. I have a coral set, a jet set,an agate set and that set made out of the material whose name I forget.
I still plan on making one like this, it'll just be far in he future.

*Have I mentioned that one of the cats at home, Brutus, looks just like the TIWWCHNT cat?
**I found some in the UK, and some in New Zealand, but I'm Not paying that shipping and handling.

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