Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I need glasses.

Just in case anyone had got the idea that I'm a mature and responsible guy, my glasses, which I do occasionally need (I'm near-sighted, but can usually manage without them) have been broken for almost nine months now. I broke them during the winter when I sat on them by accident. If I hold them up to face, I can still use them,because they are'nt broken in half, they just have no arms.

It was'nt till school that I really need them. I can't read the boards now, because in most of the clasrooms, even the front row of seats is too far from the board for me to read what the teacher writes. It's not as bad when they use Powerpoint presentations and such, where the text is large and on a bright background. But even then, things are bit blurry.

I'll just have to man up and go around looking like a nerd. *Sigh*

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