Sunday, October 17, 2010


I want to go to this.

Unfortunately,the person I hoped to give me a ride is'nt going to be able to go anymore, so I'm stuck. *Sigh* I was looking forward to it.
But even if I'm not going, anyone who's nearby, GO. Go to this. I'm hoping that maybe some day in the future, there would be an Ordinariate parish in Philadelphia. And if, God willing, there is one some day, I'd do my best to help them. I don't usually say it, because it scandalises people, but even though I'm here in Rome, a big part of me is still on the other side of the Thames.
(Hence it is that more website show up on my computer when you type in "Anglo" in the address bar than with any other terms. Even more than "Goog"

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