Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm a bad Catholic.

Because, I don't see anything wrong with receiving communion only twice a week but going to mass every day. Yes, that means going to mass without receiving communion.
That's not the only reason though: I'm also a bad Catholic because I like to receive communion in both kinds.

But don't worry: I make up for it because I think it is a good and holy thing to prepare for one's communion the night before, or even a day before. I used to make my communion four times weekly, and I began my preparation the day before. (Except for Sundays, where, because I received communion on Saturday, I made my preparation starting the night before, after compline.)
Now I'm up to five times weekly. I expect to get reprimanded and told to stop going to mass without communion someday, once the word gets out that I only do it for pious devotional purpouses.
But, for me at least, it seems that my communions are a lot more fruitful and more reverently received when I make them a little less often and with a lot more preparation.

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