Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Blog Changes.

I've added new links/blogs to the right sidebar. (Mostly for me, thought you can read them.)
I'm also contemplating a name change, though I wonder how that will go with the one (1) person who's rickroll- Uh, blogrolled me. I also plan to change the template, and add some more photos.
And, last of all, I got a Flickr account, so I'll be uploading my own photos of Lourdes, since Mr. Treat entered religious life in August.
Oh wait, one more thing, tomorrow is my first day of school.
Okay, one last thing, I'm planning ahead to go to low mass on september 14th, in honor of the first anniversary of the much-beloved motu proprio, Summorum Pontificum.
Ok wait, this is the real last thing: I'm saving up to buy a copy of the Graduale Simplex. That way, I'll have the resources for a mass with chant only. (Propers plus ordinary. I already have a Kyriale.)

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