Sunday, September 14, 2008

Not Working.

I took a whole mes of photos at the tridentine mass this morning, in thanksgiving for the Motu Proprio, but they won't upload. D: We should all take a day this week and offer penances of our holy father Benedict XVI. Maybe later. Tomorrow is the feast of our lady of sorrows, which is one of my favorite feasts. It's kind of a shame, the best parts of the Stabat Mater are given at matins, but I don't have matins in my Latin breviary. Only Lauds to Compline.
Also, I talked to brother David, the brother in charge of the servers about serving the Tridentine mass. I know most of what to do, I just ave some foggy spots here and there. we'll see how that goes. Speaking of serving, is there any explanation as to why certain servers who shall not be named have been consecutively not showing u whenever I serve? I mean, I'm an unpleasant character, don't get me wrong, but hey, It's mass, and you're on the rota. Just do it and pretend I'm not there.
Getting back to today, I gave myself a little feast today: Chicken Gorgonzola with rice. It's not my favorite meal (Which is between Chili and Lasagna.), but It's good for a feast day. Caramel apple pie and my favorite soft drink (orange soda, naturally) finished it off.
I was playing Ratchet and Clank again with my brother last night, and did not know about the surprise ending. Apparently, at the end of DeadLocked, you can choose to start the game over with all you armor, weapons, bolts and health stats. We did so. It's Friggin' Awesome. We made like 6 million bolts on on mission just defeating re-spawning enemies. We bought this cool huge gun that I forgot the name of, and spent like four million bolts on alpha and omega upgrades for our weapons.
I hope to get back on my normal sleeping schedule, and off my summer one so that I can start going to daily mass again/getting to school on time. The attendance policy is strict at my school. Three latenesses equal and absence, and three absences in any class during the quarter are a fail for that class. I already missed a day of school due to waking up at 7:30.
The cat insists on sleeping on to of the monitor, even though her breed is a large breed of cat and he does'nt at all fit. Silly cat. It's time for her check up, and I'm afraid of a large lump on kitty's belly. I think it might be a tumor.
Well, mom wants me to walk her to wlagreen's, to TTFN.

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