Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday. (Or, how I learned to follow dosage instructions.)

(Lady handing out free Alavert)
The last three days have been Interesting.
Friday night, I got that dry feeling on my throat that usually signals and oncoming assault of the A.F. (Allergen Forces) but I blew it off, as I had'nt been around any flowers or dust. But I did have an attack. Not a terrible one, but still pretty bad. I took some alavert, and expected to feel perfectly fine on Sunday to serve mass. A friend of mine called and asked me to serve his mass, and I agreed. Saturday night I was feeling worse, but fine enough to serve mass. Or so I thought.
Sunday was terrible.
I woke up feeling not too bad, but decided to take a tablet anyway. Then I took a second. But the time I got to the church, the A.F. were kicking in with full attack, so I took a third alavert. Big mistake. It turned out that the other server was also conveniently having an allergy attack on the same day. So the two of us served in a medicine- induced daze. It might have been the only day that I've ever wished that they didn't use the Roman Canon on Sundays. After mass, I got a drink of water, and stuffed some tissue in my cassock sleeve. Surprisingly, the incense didn't bother my nose because I couldn't smell it, which was a shame because it was this gold incense called "Queen of Heaven", and I really would like to have smelled it. I couldn't really bow during the mass, because it gave me a headache and made my nose run, not to mention, my back was killing me, and the drowsiness from taking more than one alavert on the same day was kicking in. I was dying from a dry throat, and had to get a drink after the sermon. During the canon, I could barely keep myself kneeling upright from the drowsiness and back pain, so I took a rest in the sacristy after the mysterium fidei until the ablutions.
So, because there was no ice cream social (the ice cream was'nt delivered. D<) I went home, and napped, slept, and snoozed. I didn't get any of my weekend homework done. I was still feeling bad today, so I skirted the attendance policy and stayed home. I rested, did some homework, and got online. And here I am.

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