Friday, September 19, 2008

*Talks like a Pirate*

It;s talk like a pirate day! My second most favoritest unofficial holiday in the world!
At lunch, me and some friends actually did attempt to talk like pirates. it was awful, and not the good awful. But it was fun. I would have worn an eye patch and at during school, because the uniform code does'nt specify eye patches. But apparently, fake eye patches fall under "outlandish and gaudy clothing", which has been prohibited in my school since the 60's.
two days ago, I had the weirdest dream.
Ok, so here's how it goes:
I'm watching a TV, and there's a flood going on. There's a house on a low hill surrounded by water, and three kids, a little boy, a girl about ten, and an older guy about my age, sitting on the lawn waiting to be drowned. Then, I'm on the lawn trying to save th kids, but they run away. So I'm trying to catch them, and then they turn into bunnies, and I have a shot gun, and I'm trying to catch the rabbits. So the rabbit kids are like "Stop trying to kill us!" and I'm like "But if I don't, you'll die. Or something like that." We run about for a while, ad the we're at Girard Avenue, near the Shoprite in west philly. I notice the kid/bunnies are gone, and there's a bunch of people coming out of their houses to see what's going on. So suddenly, I'm at the other end of the block, and I start singing a song about who I remember, and who I don't. Some girl gives a soprano solo about ow much she loves muffin, and a guy a his metal band play an awesome song about the Bannas in Pajamas. The final number is a big musical finale involving the whole neighborhood as chorus and backup dancers. I sing aother solo and we end with jazz hands.

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