Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Found It!

A while ago, while we were discussing the recently approved translations for the ordinary of the mass at TNLM, we somehow got around to talking about using settings made to sound like chant that were written in 1964-65 after the first ever approved English translation of the mass was given. It corresponds almost exactly to the new one, except in a few places in the gloria and credo. Only, we wondered whether using translations which did not absolutely line up with the new ones was Ok. I brought up that I had once read that it was legitimate to use older translations in the mass, even if they did not concur with the approved translations. But I could'nt find the documentation, so I left it alone. Until today I found:

"In accord with no. 55 of the instruction of the Congregation of Riteson music in the liturgy (March 5, 1967), the Conference of Bishophas determined that vernacular texts set to music composed in earlier periods may be used in liturgical services even though they may not conform in all details with the legitimately approved versions of liturgical texts (November, 1967). This decision authorizes the useof choral and other music in English when the older text is not precisely the same as the official version."
There we go. I wonder if we can take this further and use Merbecke? [/probablyserious]
If anyone wants English chant settings of the ordinary of the mass, and some propers, send me an e-mail! They're all very good, and are real monodic chant. I have a choral mass written by Ned Rorem also.

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