Monday, September 1, 2008

Langlais: Messe Solonelle.

(If you like occasional dissonance, that is. But Bach's G Minor Fantasia has dissonance so, eh. Whatever.) I've been listening to this, as well as two of Widor's masses, and one of Vierne's.
Not the prominence of the organ? That's what I like about them. Also, out of the three, Vierne's kyrie has been my favorite. You just can't beat the pure emotion of that thunderous organ in the beginning. Which reminds me, I have to find some way to connect the "kyrie eleison" and the "Christe eleison" in my English mass. I'm lost and don't know how to do it. *Stares at work in progress.* Though I like the gloria in in Widor's.
I'm also at a loss as to how I'm going to registrate the organ at Lourdes for my piece. I've written it using the organ at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, which is a lovely 19 stop organ built in 1894 ( Modified in 1896), oddly, in the French style with the classic French reeds, and soft diapasons, and perfect mixtures. Though, sadly, the only pedal reed was taken out in the 1896 modification.
The organ at Lourdes is bigger, has three pedal reeds and a 32', and the terminology is German, whereas I'm accustomed to French. (i.e., Hautbois, Trompette, Montre, Tierce, etc.)

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