Monday, September 22, 2008

I hate SAT prep.

Or maybe the entire English language. It's weird, because I pretty much consider myself a grammar nazi. But seriously, I've never heard of these words, so who could expect that I could define "Concatenation"? I can pretty much guess at "Animadversion", and everyone knows "Excoriation" and "Banal", but "Impecunious"? "Ebullient"? "Imperturbable"? At least it had my inside joke word, Cavorting. (From an episode of Johny Bravo where the mayor' wife exclaims " I thought you promised, No More Cavorting!" later on, when she accidentally receives a present for someone else, she says "You're cavorting with some woman named Bunny, aren't you!?!"
And all this is just units 1-4.

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