Saturday, September 6, 2008


I went to the red bull soapbox race today. It was pouring rain, but there were hundreds of people there. A lot of them were drunk, which led to some humour. I had to get used to the smell of liquor. ( My family is made of teetotalers, so no liquor ever.) There was music, and commetary. Some of the cars in the race included:

A Krimpet
A Cheesesteak
Rocky Balboa
An Amish horse/buggy
A giant pink pump
Micheal Jackson
The Delorean (Back To the Future.)
A lady giving birth

I'm surprised no one did the Popemobile. There's a great name already. You make a big Triregno with the driver's head at the bottom as one of the jewels. That's Genius, I should have done it. It's so POD.
Also, we sang the Eagles fight song several times, proving the old saying that wherever there's more than one drunk Philadelphian, you get the Eagles fight song. Of course I had to join in, I'm from Philly. It's a natural reaction to join in once you hear "Fly Eagles, fly, on the road to victory....". Everyone was wet, which was part of the fun. At one point, people were actually cheering to get me to drop the umbrella, which I did because I was already soaked. It was good fun. I'd do it again anytime.

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