Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Burninator!!!! D<

Okay, so anyone who reads this blog has probably gotten tired of hearing about my constant accidents and injuries. Well too bad! I has moar!
This one is Extremely weird.
I was sitting in my oldest brother's room last night, watching him play GTA IV, when I started getting a kind of burning sensation on my collarbone. I did;nt think about it. About three seconds later it was excruciating, so I panicked and took off my grandfather's dog tag tat I usually wear, because it felt hot.
You won't beleive, it had burned me.
There are visible dots from the links of the chain on my collarbone, but it is'nt anything serious like the foot burn I got last month. The only idea I have for what may ave caused the chain to heat up is that I was laying on the bed next to my bro's laptop, which is near a radiator.
Oh My. I made a record four visits to the emergency room this year.O___o.
The cat is oin to the vet on Saturday to see what's wrong with her belly. I hope it isn't serious.

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