Tuesday, November 4, 2008

God help us.

I can't express the profound disappointment I'm feeling now. As it is, I did'nt want to vote for either candidate, I see neither as someone I could vote for. But I can find nothing whatever likable about Obama. Not his economy, but especially not his ardently anti-life stance, It troubles me, could I ave survived his proposed laws? I won't go into detail about it because it's too much for me to say, but in the minds of most abortion advocates, someone like me could have been as good as gone. What are Obama's thoughts on infants born prematurely? If the mother decides she does'nt want the child, could it receive the same treatment as a born alive infant from a botched abortion? I hope, I pray with the little fervor that I have that none of his policies regarding the economy and abortion go through. McCain's not consistently pro-life either. I know it, I've pondered it, which is why I chose not to vote. But I can't help but wonder if someone who's a little bit pro-life, even just a bit, is better than someone who's admittedly pro-death.
It's Like our nation was on the road to hell, and we've just refueled the tank and changed the oil to make sure we get there. My own people celebrate, and I wonder if we haven't made one of the biggest mistakes for our own race in the past 37 years.
Regina Ss.mi Rosarii, Ora Pro Nobis!


Joanna said...

Thank God there is SOMEONE in Philadelphia besides myself who sees it this way!

Call me Joe. said...

Thanks.I'm happy I can say the same about you! It's kinda weird, I was just browsing through your blog yesterday. ^__^

Anthony said...

I found McCain to be disappointing in many ways, but I could not vote for anyone so callous as to argue that a child surviving an abortion should be left in a broom closet to die.

Reluctantly, I voted McCain.