Friday, November 21, 2008


Watch channel ten if you live in Philadelphia. My oldest nephew was hit by a car last Friday and broke both legs badly. He had a major surgery, but is doing well. My sister and her husband are going to be on the news tonight appealing for help. I don't know if they caught the man who did it, but I do know that my sister needs a new apartment. Her current one is not accessible to wheel chairs, but she can't afford anything else. Watch it or you'll be savagely ripped apart and eaten by a school of hammer-head sharks! Or worse, River-Danced to death! (As per Mary Catherine Gallagher's parents.)
Yes, Joe knows way too many movie/t.v./star trek quotes.


Anthony said...

I hope he'll be okay.

Was it intentional, or just a gutless hit and run?

Joe! said...

The guy actually turned himself in on Sunday, so that's good.
Apparently, he was talking on his cell phone and turned a corner quickly, not noticing someone was crossing the street.