Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I've had em'. Still have one. Except for two dogs, Max and Dairy, we've only ever had cats.Te first was peaches. Peaches got sick, and I never found out what happened to him.
Next, Tom. Tom was gray with white paws, a white belly and a white spot on his forehead. He ran out one day, and I thought I found him dead on the sidewalk, but when I came back wit a box to get him, he was gone. In four years, we've only ever kept one.
All attempts at a second cat have not worked.
First, there was skittles. Skittles was small, gray and white, and a bit of a wimp. Our other cat chased her daily until we found her real owner.
Next, there was Oreo, a black and white cat who's grown huge in recent months. We found him as a young kitten wandering the streets on new years eve. We raised him until he was one, at which point he decided to live outside. He lives in the neighborhood and stops by a few times a week for food, water, and attention.
Next, Mark. Mark was an orange and white spotted cat with amber eyes. He's actually Oreo's son. We found him in the winter, only a few days after his birth. We brought his mother and siblings into the house for safety. Eventually, they grew up, his sister got a home,m ad his mother went out and got pregnant again. She was attacked and killed by a wild animal, along with her newborn kittens. Mark was alone, so he became ours. Our current cat hated Mark. Mark started to become an indoor-outdoor cat a result of his peeing on every object we owned. Then, one day during eastertide of this year, he went out and never returned.

Currently, we only ave the old guard. For five years we've had our current cat. We got Ginger at the PSPCA five years ago. She's very friendly, and like to sit on family member's laps, but only lets my brother and me pet her. She loves tuna, sitting near the radiator, on top of the computer monitor, and sleeping at the foot of my bed. She only eats one brand of cat food, ad does not like people to touch her belly.
Ginger is brown/grey/tan with black stripes, white whiskers and green eyes. Ginger's breed is huge, and she resembles a puma cub in some respects. She's a bit lazy, and only plays on occasion.
That's the current pet.

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