Friday, November 21, 2008

Where have I been you ask? (Again)

Away from the house! Something happened, and we ad to stay away from te house for a week.Tat meant no computer for me. I don;t know what's going on,I have;nt seen our choir director all month,so there's been no one to chant the propers at mass.(Of course,if I had a Roman Gradual, I could do it, But I don't so there's that.) On a whim,I wrote some melismatic alleluia verses for the ordinary form. Wow. I've impressed myself. They sound great. For the actual alleluias, I used three modes that I membered from when I borrowed someone's roman gradual.
As for my four part choir and organ choral mass, the Gloria is nearly done.With nary an organ,piano,or keyboard to work with,work is slow. I should be starting the Sanctus by Wednesday. I'm a bit afraid to show it to anyone. I wanted it to be Widor/Dupre inspired, but parts of it sound a bit Richard Proulx-y.
Oh well, it beats the Massive Cremation by 20,000 longshots.
Next, a Gloria based on mass IV in the Kyriale (Cunctipotens Genitor Deus), and maybe try my hand at a polyphonic motet of some kind. Maybe a setting of Laudemus Virum.
Oh yes, your's truly is quite the young, inexperienced but eager composer.
Also, I may or may not be going to the video game expo tomorrow,after meeting with the youth group to decorate the church.I want to go badly. We'll see

Space bar is broked. No spacing properly. Joe is not happy.

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