Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mc Roll'd

The Original

Speed it Up a bit.

Insane Speed
! (From six Minutes to one.)

My love of random things as led to an obsession with Youtubepoop
(Videos about noting in particular involving speeding up, slowing down cutting, adding music, and otherwise manipulating cartoons, lines, and other videos for humour, as above.)

Also, I'd like to stand by what I said in a combox at TNLM:
"It's almost frustrating how little Catholics hear of praying for the dead, or any pious practices (Doing charitable works for them, etc.) Like everything, it does'nt make sense to express our belief in Purgatory on one hand by wearing black vestments, but on the other hand, not actually preaching devotion to the holy souls, or practicing as if we believed in it.
This is a large chunk of the Catholic 'ethos' if you will, a part of Catholic culture and devotion that desperately needs to be restored.

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