Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Like-minded Individuals.

They're hard to come by. Especially in Democrat territory. It seems that every class today was a repetition of the one before it:
1) Teacher collects projects
2) Teacher mentions the election
3) Teacher and class gush on and on about the greatness of The One(tm)
4) class resumes, while yours truly silently fumes and draws not-so happy pictures in the back of his sketchbook. Public Speech has been the worse. We learn barely anything about it. It's basically the school's daily allotted Obama rally. Music theory comes in at close second.
I do have one good friend who did'nt support Obama. Like me, someone in her family owns a small business that makes just enough to get hit by Obama's tax plans. Like the business I speak of , they couldn't afford that kind of a loss and would have to cut jobs, and maybe even services. I wonder how est Philly's Sunray Drugs will fare?
Anyway, If you're done with my long-winded ranty-post, here's some people that I think see things the way I do:
Diane at Te Deum

Creative Minority Report


Also, while randomly checking profiles yesterday, (Seriously, I have no life outside of school. That was the highlight of my day.) I came across an interesting person. Musings of a Adopted Artist. Besides the whole not supporting Obama and living in Philadelphia, she goes to the same school I thought about joining.

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