Monday, November 10, 2008

Ice cream!

I love it. I only eat three flavors though: Strawberry , Cookies n' cream, and Chocolate chip cookie dough. I just finished a pint of the latter that I bought o Saturday. Weird thing is, with this brand that I got, I never eat the actual cookie dough. I always pick the pieces out. Why? I unnoh.
From today's after school incident, I can see that my English teacher and I will not get along. It's just not gonna work. See, she has a listening problem (i.e., she never does it.) , and people who don't listen are one of my pet peeves. Only charity keeps me from avowing an eternal hatred of such people, along with people who open packages of food and put them back on the shelves at the supermarket, and you don't find out that it's been tasted till you get home. Oh yes, there are people like that. And also, people who take more than one free sample at Trader Joes.
So I've got this teacher, and she thinks I'm playing around with some kids who play around during class. Admittedly, earlier they did something funny, and I laughed.
Now, I was thinking random thoughts as always, and the part in that episode of Spongebob where Squidward is "doing errands" comes into my mind, and I chuckle a bit.
Only at the same time, those other kids are also laughing because they're joking around. Teacher thinks I'm playing and disrespecting her by laughing at them so she sends me out of the class. As always, she will hear no explanations about how she's mistaken. Reason as a might, try to keep my temper as I might, I realized it was'nt working, so I just forgot about it and left. This is a daily experience.

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