Sunday, April 13, 2008


Your's truly is set to receive a handmade altar card,containing the offertory prayers of the mass. It's made to look like a gothic illuminated manuscript, and the borders resemble those of the master of the Boucicaut hours. There are illuminated initials for each prayer, and the whole card will be framed with a gold leafed, hand carved frame.
But there's a catch:
It's for the novus ordo.
Meaning, it contains the prayers:

Munda cor meum

Benedictus es, Dominus (Panis)

Per huius aquae

Benedictus es (Vinum)

In spiritu humilitatis

Lava me

Haec Commixtio

and the words of consecration, in Latin and English. I'll show it to you in pictures later, and reveal the artist, whom I think you may know. I'm also set to have the vesting prayers by the same artist, and hopefully, my parish will use these.

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