Thursday, April 17, 2008

UUGGGHH.......Papal Liturgy.....

It was terrible. Again, no charity here.
Visually, it was fine. Lovely vestments (though I could do without the false good) great altar set up. But the music was abysmal. Nothing but an inclusivist bastardization of everyone's culture. And based on the gloria and the Veni Creator, I'm assured that it's a goal of modern American liturgeists-Oops, sorry, Liturgists To make bad Catholic music abound. Even if it involves ruining otherwise good pieces. e American Catholics know better music we could have used (Owen Alstott's Heritage Mass, David Iseles's Lamb of God, or the Gloria from Richard Proulx's A Community Mass. Maybe hymns like (Come, sweet Spirit, or Come Holy Ghost with organ improvisations. Maybe some good communion hymns like Jesus, My Lord, my God, My All, or O food of Exiles lowly (O esca Viatorum, If you know that that tune goes to a Latin hymn). I've already vented on how I hate the idea of using gospel music at mass (especially when it's sung by not-black people in order to be "inclusive". Anyway, I hope and pray that the Holy Father will see that this is the standard of music in most of our parishes, and ill do something to change it. There's no sense of the sacred, no sense of the divine. In this kind of celebration, WE ultimately become the center of our worship. It has to be about including us, making us feel nice. Self-congratulatory songs, and constant changing of words in the missal to make us feel nice.
Sigh, Please pray for a change in liturgy.

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