Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bus loads of People?! WHAT?

A large busload of people, none of whom were presumably from the parish, showed up at the Latin Novus Ordo mass today. I'll comfortably say that none of them knew the Latin responses, neither did they understand the instructions to turn off all cell phones, and to follow the mass in the blue Latin/English booklets in the pews. Most of them were Hispanic, though there were some anglos (Notably, at least five nuns, four of which wore the habit of Our Lady of Mercy), and some Black people. Most did'nt sing the hymns either, but they did sing the whole ordinary of the mass, minus the gloria. That was impressive. Most of the people who usually come did'nt get to sit in their usual seats, and we were minus three servers. After mass, some left before the recessional hymn was over (We never do that here at any mass) Those who did'nt leave proceeded to take Photographs with Fr. There were a lot of them, so I got to show my new cotta to the brother in charge of the servers, but not the altar card. Fr. was too busy dealing with the hectic crowd to talk about me getting more lacy cottas. So, the day was hectic, kind of a letdown (as the choir did'nt sing) and worse of all, when the choir was in the choir loft for the mass for the centenanry of the parish school (More busloads, now of school alumni) I saw a horrible object in the choir loft. It was black. It was on a stand. It was plugged in. Someone was practicing on this instrument, which I still beleive falls under Pius X's list of forbidden instruments.
It was Electric.
It was a Piano.
I nearly died. What's one of those doing here?! We've literally laughed at the thought of guitar masses, and using any of H+H's music, and now I see an electric piano possibly being used!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
And our brilliant choir director did'nt throw it down to the ground, set it afire, and scream like a maniac because it defiled the sanctity of the choir loft! NOOOO!!!!
It's a piano used once now, then, a guitar, next, trap sets will be in front of the side altars, and lifeteen will take over. Thus a piano is the demise of a brilliant music program.
Or, it could just be that they are letting the alumni contribute to the music.

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