Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Musings on the Interim Missal

Some people might be familiar with the missal that came out in 1964-65, often erronesouy called the interim missal, since it was used between the reform of the tridentine mass by the concilium, and the promulgation of the 1970 missal. Why do I say erroneously? Because, it's really the missal that came out of Vatican II itself. The 1970 missal came about after the council was closed. So why do I like the 65' missal? It's basically the tridentine mass, with these rubrics/omissions:

*Psalm 42 in the prayers at the foot of the altar is omitted
*The priest no longer recites those parts of the mass sung by the choir in sung masses or high masses
*The kissing of the hand and objects is omitted.
*The collect is said at the chair.
*readings may be read by a lector (An ordained lector, otherwise the priest reads them)
*The general intercessions made be said before the offertory.
*Only one sign of the cross in the canon
*the per ipsum is sung aloud
*the words for distribution are "Corpus Christus"
*The final blessing is given at the chair, and the last gospel is omitted.

In form, it retains much of the traditional mass, including all the prefaces and prayers, the offertory and the canon. Also, while most of it can be said in the vernacular, the proper chants of the mass and all of the priest's private prayers (Offertory, canon, prayers before communion, placeat, etc.) Are still said in Latin. Thus the call of the council to preserve the Latin language in mass, and Gregorian chant is supplied by the rubrics of the missal.The hermeneutic if continuity is completely obvious with this form of the mass, while in the 1970 missal, too much was dropped in my estimation. There once as a blog ith the entire order of the 65' missal, but I can't find it.


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The owner of that blog had a change of heart about the 1965 rite and is now blogging about the 1962 one instead. The old blog is precariously archived at