Thursday, April 17, 2008


Or, at least that what the USCCB seems to be doing with their combox. Anyone that disgrees with the DC papal liturgy, or worst, goes far enough to criticise it gets canned. In other words, their comments get deleted. Here is my deleted comment:
"It's great to see so many Catholic faithful gathered together for holy mass, in unity with the Holy Father. But, I feel that the music could have been more tastefully chosen, without the attempts to be over inclusive to the point of being exclusive. The music seemed gushy and overdone, and definitely theatrical (Didn't Pius X say something about theatrical music?"
Is'nt that unfair? They've done this before, and I find it quite annoying. Basically, you put up a facade where everyone agrees with you, and those that don't, you eliminate them. The joys of liberalism again.

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