Saturday, April 5, 2008

You idiot.

I'm not going to be charitable at all about this. Any priest, who stands up at the pulpit, and tells everyone that Jesus did'nt really perform a miracle and feed 5,000 men, is a liar and an idiot. I heard it again last night at St.John's in Philly, and I will not tolerate it. When he first said it, I was waiting for the part where he would say that that's just a lie, and then go on to explain why Jesus really did perform a miracle. But it never came. Where does the scripture at all indicate that the people just shared their food? Nowhere. Where does it indicate that he only spoke inspiring words to get them to share? Nowhere. What we have is:
A) Jesus
B) Lots of guys.
C)Five loaves if bread and two small fish
D) Everyone gets fed, and there's leftovers.

That's it. You'd think the Apostles saying that there was no other food to be found other than the five loaves and fish would be a direct contradiction to the idea that everyone already had food. So what we have is a perfect example of eisegesis. Forcing and interpretation into a text, when the text hasn't the slightest indication that such an interpretation is valid. Eisegetes are idiots, point blank. No charity here for you,Father Heretic. You should be ashamed, misrepresenting the Gospel, and the faith of holy church with your own opinions.I'd like to go to daily mass, but I can;t g to St. John's. I'll have to see if the Cathedral has an evening daily mass. Maybe the cathedral is somewhat better liturgically, if ordinations are any indication.

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Anthony said...

That's what amazes me about revisionist christians denying the truth of the miracles.

Nearly all of the apostles were executed for their faith in Jesus Christ.

If the miracles were not true, and if the apostles themselves did not actually believe in them, why would they suffer prison, stoning, clubbing, and crucifixion to perpetuate a hoax?

Any priest, sister or brother who doesn't believe in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist (and if you don't believe in Christ's minor miracles, you can't possibly believe in his biggest one) needs to leave religious life and find another career.