Monday, October 13, 2008

Cardinal Rigali's norms.

Anyone who read the Catholic Standard &Times yesterday saw an article by Cardinal Rigali, archbishop of Philadelphia on the second page. He wrote about the Eucharist, and laid down norms for the celebration of mass, most of which should be common knowledge. It's refreshing to see a bishop who's at least willing to try to curb liturgical abuse by saying what things are to be done. For example, he states that only vessels made of precious metals are to be used, that the chair for the celebrant should not be in the middle of the sanctuary, and that the tabernacle should be in the front center of the church, not put away to the side. He says that no one may change any liturgical texts or rites. He advocates silence in the church before and after mass, and kneeling at mass.
He says that everyone should, and should be encouraged to genuflect whenever passing the tabernacle. He says that the blessed sacrament should always be referred to as The Body of the Lord, or the Precious Blood, not bread and wine when speaking about it in homilies. The main mass on Sundays should be a solemn choral mass with incense wherever possible, and Bells are to be rung at all masses in the diocese, etc, etc. It just goes on and on with the good stuff. Read for yourself.

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