Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why is'nt this person on my bloglist!? D<

She's like me. Except a girl. And dutch. LINKIE.
Other things:
I served the mass today. except for a couple mistakes, things went well. Fr.James, our pastor is growing his facial hari again. He went for the classic Roman clean shaven priest look for a wile. I guess it does'nt sut him as he's growing it back. This was him last year. This was him this year.
One of my friends is moving back to his home state of South Carolina after eight months of living here.I'll miss him. We have a lot in common, Except that I'm more of a nerd than he is. But the, he spent eight months in Philly and didn't try a cheese steak until yesterday.Oops, I gave him my booklet on the mass by Bishop Challoner and never asked for it back. Ah well, I can get another.
My oldest bro. has a kendo sword now. We both wanted to take kendo when we were little , because everyone in the neighborhood was, but mom said no because we might still get hurt. (It's frickin' Kendo, how do you get hurt?!)
I got invited to the rectory at my parish to spend prayers and diner with the Mercedarians on Tuesday. They eat too early. I don't eat dinner till 8:00 PM.
I picked my second poem for my English project. I picked Lewis Carroll's " Jabberwocky". I hope it does'nt get rejected for being too random. I also found an awesome motet to sing at funerals! It's a setting of Alexander Pope's poem "The Dying Christian to his Soul."
Actually, it's not a motet yet, because I didn't wright it yet. But I have inspiration! :D

Finally; are you aware that 95% of Americans do not expect the Spanish Inquisition? It's a fact.
*EDIT* The "U" and the "H" are broken off of my keyboard. The "z" and the "w" don't work easily either

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