Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today, I met some people who know what that is. For real. It was at the blognic.
I was dropped of by my parents, (I didn't expect it.Dad got off earlier today than usual and gave me a ride.) And when, walked in with Fr.Z . Then I lost him. Then I met a priest who works at the Hispanic ministry at the cathedral, and we both found him. I met a nice couple who I've seen at Lourdes before. Apparently,they drop by every now and again, and I expect to see them Sunday. We talked about a lot of different subjects; seminaries, the new missal, Bp.Trautman and philology, a stab at politics and some history about the Civil War, Hispanic ministry, etc. All in All, it was a lot of fun, and I'm glad I went. I skipped vespers, but said compline.
I'm actually a little antsy about this coming Sunday, as I thought that Fr. Joseph would be saying mass, but it's another priest who does things a bit differently. (eg, he does'nt tap the missal stand at the end of the epistle, only pausing, and does'nt wait for the response at the orate fratres.)
We'll see how it goes. The cat that used to be ours, but went AWOL and now prefers to live on the porch was waiting for a meal when I got back. I fed him and spent some time with him.

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