Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I went to say vespers and have dinner with the Mercedarian friars. Afterwards, e said compline. It was all great fun.


Miguel José Ernst-Sandoval said...

How are things at Lourdes these days?

Call me Joe. said...

Pretty good. The EF mass is still going strong, and there's a Jesuit priest from the seminary who sometimes comes to say it. School enrollment is up, and we'll be getting a new parish hall soon.
There are two Mercedarian novices at Lourdes, and one brother as ordained to the priesthood in August. I was impressed with them the short time I stayed.
Choir season has begun, and there are new members, including a German lady who used to sing at Old St. Joe's and the Cathedral.
Three or four altar servers, besides myself are considering the priesthood/religious life.
There's now a chapter of the Knights of St.John at the parish, and there are new adorers in the perpetual adoration schedule.

Things aren't perfect of course. The 8PM Sunday mass has guitar music, but even that is'nt bad.
It got to the point where people were getting angry about the lack of such music. Considering Lourdes has gotten to where it is liturgically in only four years, things went very fast, and people were upset.
No more boring announcements for now.