Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fairy Tail, and other manga updates.

Yes, I came across another new manga. This one about a Girl named lucy, a celestial wiard, trying to get into Fairy Tail, one of te most bfamous guilds of wizard around. She meets a man claiming to be from Fairy Tail who says that he will give her a position, but she must come to a party with him. At that moment, she meets a boy named Natsu, a fire wizard who does not beleive the man's claims. Lucy goes to the party, and te man tries to drugge er with a drink. She finds out he's a slave trader. Just then, Natsu comes to get revenge on the man for some trivial thing and accidentally saves Lucy. Turns out, Natsu reaaly is a member of Fairy Til, and e gets her in. I've only read up to volume two (Volume three is'nt at the store.) Also, I've been trying to read O-Parts Hunter v.1 on One Manga, but the Comp. is too slow. I finally got to Eysheild 21 V.20. How depressing. My Shonen Jumps have NOT been coming in the mail, and it's not at the store either. They do have "Shojo Beat" though *Shudder* I read "Toto! The Wonderful Adventure!" Vl. 2. I love it, it'
s so frickin' Hi-Larious! You can read all of these manga at
In other news in my life, I've narrowed my decision of what religious order to join between two. I've been thinking seriously about it, and I don't see anything else I'd want to do with my life. I just hope I don't fail the psyche test and get sent away as a nutjob, and get institutionalized again-I mean- Nevermind.

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