Friday, October 17, 2008

Fr.Z in Philly

Fr.Z, who runs the nearly famous blog "What Does the Prayer Really Say?" Is going to be in Philly for a few days. There are plans for a blognic. I hope it's close to home, so that I could come. There's really no other way, as I have no license, and no car to drive anyway. Unless that is, some person would be willing to swing by Overbrook and give me a ride.
Also, I have a clarification: the first EF mass I ill serve is the 26th, the Feast of Christ the King in the EF calendar. I hold that as an important occasion, so my personal surplice, which I have yet to wear will be laundered and worn.
Also, I have just discovered Widor's "Marche Pontificale". Wow. I mean.....just..Wow. It's amazing. I have to learn that one. Here's Arthur Wills playing it at the organ at Ely Cathedral for extra wow factor.

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Michael said...

did you get a ride to the blognic, i'm thinking about going i sent you an email but you can text me or call me. Fr. Darcy Bethany Beach Delaware 3029814719