Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm not dead right now, Deo Gracias.

I'm truly thankful for that. There was a fire on my house last night. Not just in my house, in my bedroom. I've spoken about the fact that My body always forces me awake for an hour or so around 1:35-1:40 AM. Well, wen I woke up in the wee hours of Thursday morning, I found the wall opposite my bed engulfed in flames and the room filled with smoke. I thought fast and used the blanket to smother the flames. Somehow, a photo framed in a plastic frame had caught fire, and dripped flaming melted plastic on the dresser, which set some of my collection of holy cards on fire. They melted plastic on the other things on the dresser, and there was a huge fire on the wall. Everything on that dresser got destroyed except for four holy cards (Our Lady of the Rosary, Ss.Peter ad Paul, St Joseph (which had fallen on the floor and wasn't in the fire) And incidentally, St. Laurence.) My Latin-English Stedman missal, and my crucifix.
The crucifix is a strange one. It was directly in the fire, I mean literally IN the fire, but except for some smoke damage and burned spots on the back, it's unscathed. By all means it should have been destroyed. I'm definitely not one to go looking for miracle, but I think God sent this little natural occurrence for me.
This is the kicker: they told us that the fire had probably been burning slowly for a half hour. And guess what? Mom, Dad, ad eldest brother were awake downstairs on the couch watching a comedian;s DVD. They were awake and knew nothing of a fire burning in my room.
unfortunately, I didn't get out free. After smothering the fire out, some melted plastic dripped on my right foot, burning the skin off in one spot. That got treated, but but still hurts.
For now, thanks be to God that I didn't die, and we didn't lose the house, because God knows we couldn't afford another one. I now have to find a priest ho can offer a mass in thanksgiving for this. (Me not dieing.)

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Kathy said...

That is crazy how that happened. I'm glad you're okay. Thank you God!