Monday, June 8, 2009

Cobbs Creek Park.

Thursday I'm going to spend the day at Cobbs Creek. Me, my brother, and my day used to spend a day there the first week of summer every year, but it seems like my brother is'nt into that anymore. I'll probably pack the night before so that I can wake early and go to mass at S.Donato's. (S.Donato's is only about four blocks from Cobbs Creek) Then, if my dad is going, I'll meet him there. I might go by today, because I heard that there's deep water about two miles upstream from the water fall, and that you can go fishing there. (There's nothing  at the sandbar downstream from the waterfall anymore. I went last year with my brother., and it's too shallow now.) Plus, I've never been far past the waterfall. I've heard that there are abandoned buldings, including a mill if you go very far. I'm bord, so It's worth it.