Monday, June 29, 2009


Browsing the web, I found this sequence give for the feast of Our Lady of Mercy. I thought it was odd that I'd never heard of or seen one, but I see now that there is a sequence for that feast.

Plaudat agmen captivorum,
turba det christianorum
laetum suum et decorum
cantum Matri Virgini.

Simul omnes exsultemus
atque grati celebremus
lucem tantam, qua gaudemus
vincla fracta cernere.

Institutrix dulcis nostra.
Matrem providam te monstra
et captivos refove.

Caritate fac praeclaram
atque Nato redde caram
quam fundasti subolem.

Fac ut tibi grati simus;
et ut tartara possimus
evitare, cum abimus,
vultum tuum exhibe.

I would assume that if the written tune isn't found, one can use the stabat mater.


Paul Goings said...

Presumably the Mercedarian Friars still have copies of the traditional texts and music for the proper Mass and Office for Our Lady of Mercy. If they agree to let you see them, please let me know.

Joe S.R. said...

They do. While I was at the monastery, one of the brothers had a copy of the old office for the feast and a supplement with the new office in Latin. (They're are nearly identical.) I'm sure the library at the house of formation has an old missal somewhere.