Monday, June 29, 2009

Ignorance is Bliss.

Indeed, it's bliss. Speaking to my mother, I asked her what she thought of Obama's promise to cut 95% of every American's taxes. And she said that she thought he was doing a good job. had it not been my mother, I would've asked her what she was smoking, because obviously, that's ridiculous. I was about to ask her about the speedily passing Waxman-Markey tax bill (a bill costing Americans $2 trillion) being passed as we spoke, and she didn't know what I was talking about. It figures though. with MJ having passed, there's a media blackout on this, the only coverage found by me being a four paragraph story in the local Philly Inquirer.

Speaking as a person from the 'hood, and you know what I mean, that kind of massive taxation on energy should be the thing everyone is talking about. All of us are constantly complaining about high electricity prices, most of us getting several shutoff notices a year because we simply can't afford to pay our bills. We go months without hot water, electricity, heating, and gas for cooking. It's not exaggeration, it's reality, and I have experience of it myself. The fact that the government wants to raise energy prices and tax us even more should be causing shock, outrage, even protests. But nary a word is said by the inner-city community, much less any of my fellow African-Americans. That something that's going to affect us so deeply, and in such a negative manner isn't even known by the general public is an outrage and a shame.

MJ's death was quite convenient for the radical regulation policies of the incumbent administration. It allowed them to rush through this ideology/special interests based bill ( and indeed, it is certainly for the benefit of a specific group of people, it's not as if All Americans or the great majority even beleive in man-cause climate change) without much public knowledge and criticism. Without much debate on the floor either. And It's quite sad, because deep down, sure many Americans are not too keen on further taxation, and effectively being punished by the state for using a necessity.

So, God forbidding, what happens if this bill goes into law? There are two possibilities. Firstly, we'll finally wake up out of our stupor and realize that we've been hoodwinked, bamboozled, run-amok, etc, etc, by liberal democrats into mindlessly throwing our support behind someone who's quite frankly, not our friend. Maybe we'll protest.
But since that's not going to happen, our betters will enjoy their sense of self achievement while we, the have-nots continue to have-not because of their unbridled and unexplainable desire for control.

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