Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is it wrong that I want this shirt?

Our American papers are pretty prone to obvious bias and slants. The internet is refreshing, because living in democratville, it's not often you can find a balanced article on anything. Most things political are written from a Democratic point of view. It's gotten so that I don't buy papers, and If I find them, I ignore certain writers who are guaranteed to make me wish I had'nt read them/found the paper/ woke up in the morning. Especially the local Metro. Even when they try to be balanced, they still belittle conservatives. There are bright spots here and there.  A Democratic supporter of President Obama once asked seriously, exactl what did our president accomplish in his first few month/ Nothing really, said the man. As on, time goes on,  he's written articles pointing out obvious and possible mistakes he's made. A  month ago, he proved my fears by writing an article asking why every time he writes an article seriously and fairly criticising the president, he gets flooded with angry letters decrying his audacity to criticise.  No one is above criticism. Except, seemingly in the minds of some, the president. I could cite others, but I like that one. I should clarify that they don't usually lie by comission, but only by omission.

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